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In an era of lower trade volume and reduced commission pools, we help broker-dealers connect with the buy side. We offer our buy-side OMS and EMS users the best in trading technology and partner with 500+ broker-dealers, deploying their tools on our products. Our commission management application enables brokers-dealers to build a more effective feedback loop with their buy-side customers. We also offer cutting-edge trading technology directly to broker-dealers with our sell-side OMS.

  • Eze Software EMS provides advanced trading tools to the buy side and sell side

Key Benefits

  • Deliver your trading tools to the desktops of thousands of buy-side traders
  • Establish FIX connectivity and data interfaces with your buy-side clients
  • Get your buy-side clients up-and-running quickly
  • Streamline your investment workflow with our cost-effective SaaS-based OMS for the sell side
  • Centralize record-keeping and electronically send details on the value-added research services you provide to your buy-side customers
  • Fully manage customer commission and commission sharing arrangements (CCA/CSAs) in one location.

Key Features

OMS & EMS Integration

  • Deploy your tools to our buy-side OMS and EMS users
  • Receive electronic orders from your customers via FIX
  • Deliver your algos and custom trading tools to our network of buy-side customers
  • Streamline the locate request with your buy-side customers

Sell-Side OMS

  • Streamline your entire investment workflow with a cost- effective SaaS platform
  • Trade multi-asset classes with an easy-to-use but comprehensive order ticket
  • Seamlessly execute with more than 250 brokers and liquidity sources
  • Track your performance with real-time P&L at the customer level
  • Save time and focus on your harder-to-trade orders with rules-based order routing

Commission Management

  • Centralize and store the details of meetings, one-on-ones, conferences, recommendations, and other value-added information in an easy-to-use SaaS portal
  • Electronically send details directly to your buy-side customers o the value-added research services you provide
  • Send details to your customers for reference during their broker voting process
  • Manage CSA pools, reconcile CSA-eligible trades, utilize payment processing, and compliance workflows in a web-based portal
  • Easily track and monitor payments and trades using the web portal, email alerts, and audit trail

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