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With thousands of traders relying on Eze Software’s products, trading is at the core of what we do. Our product suite streamlines your trading workflows across asset classes and integrates order entry and execution throughout the investment lifecycle. We offer a comprehensive solution for order entry, allocation, routing, and analysis that delivers Level I and II market data, centralized access to diverse liquidity, alongside advanced trade analytics and real-time alerting.

  • Utilize a single trade ticket to trade all asset classes

  • Create hot buttons to quickly execute with your preferred liquidity destinations

  • Configurable, easy to use blotters to manage your trading activity

Key Benefits

  • Manage all of your orders from a single or multiple configurable blotters
  • Easily find liquidity and execute via FIX with more than 500 sell-side brokers
  • Customize trade strategies with sophisticated algorithms & order routing
  • Automate your short locate process
  • View real-time intraday P&L
  • Quickly enter orders for any asset-class
  • Simplify the execution of complex options and spread strategies

Key Features

Order Creation & Allocation

  • Allocate orders across multiple custodians, brokers, strategies, and more
  • Utilize intuitive, asset-class specific workflows
  • Detailed and quick order entry
  • Create and allocate orders from one screen
  • Enter trades from the road with the Eze Mobile for iPad


Trade Analytics

  • Monitor key performance measures in real time such as interval VWAP and %ADV
  • View real-time TCA directly in the blotter
  • Send data to third-party TCA providers

Order Execution

  • Access over 750 multi-asset algorithmic and trading strategies from 75 brokers
  • Execute electronically with 500+ sell-side brokers and liquidity venues
  • Create lists & program trades, pairs, spreads, brackets, conditional, and multi-step orders
  • Configure your own directed and step-out broker instructions
  • Create and manage rules for automated order routing and execution
  • Slice your orders to the market as you see fit


  • Price securities on a real-time or delayed basis using multiple data providers
  • Integrate multiple leading market data providers feeds simultaneously
  • Market price, volume, transactions and event monitoring


Short Locates & Lending Analysis

  • Automatically send locate requests 
  • Compare and choose rates on borrows held at multiple prime brokers 

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Integrated order management
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