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Fund and portfolio accounting users need to produce accurate valuations, reconcile portfolio data with custodians and fund administrators, as well as produce internal accounting records and manage taxes efficiently. You also need to be prepared for external audits and to meet tight deadlines. Portfolio accounting departments worldwide trust Eze Software Investment Suite to help them meet these increasingly complex demands.

  • Easily manage accruals with advanced scheduling capability

  • Keep on top of investor management
    with easy-to-use wizards and tools

  • Automatically calculate accurate intraday NAV
    and produce up-to-the-minute reports

  • Prepare for audits with extensive financial reporting capabilities

Key Benefits

  • Flexibly manage accounts in line with your internal structures and processes
  • Automate routine accounting tasks to save time
  • Achieve accurate daily portfolio valuation with automated accrual processes
  • Maximize tax efficiency through flexible and intelligent lot management
  • Efficiently and accurately shadow your outsourced accounting records
  • Improve speed and accuracy of reconciliation
  • Understand calculations via look-through to trade-level source data
  • Prepare detailed and accurate reports for external audits quickly and efficiently

Key Features

Data Entry & Calculations

  • Maintain subscriptions and redemptions with easy-to-use wizards
  • Manually adjust subscription, redemption and share prices on a share account level to accurately reflect cash flows
  • Efficiently manage tax liabilities on trades
  • Book and maintain prepayments and accruals with templates and schedules
  • Easily manage  accruals for fees and rebates including stock loans, CFDs, and swaps
  • Accrue for general income and expenses such as admin and management expenses 
  • Manage cash interest accruals for your prime broker accounts

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Tasks

  • Produce an independent, timely and accurate Net Asset Valuation (NAV)
  • Reconcile internal positions and valuations to those produced by custodians and fund administrators
  • Reconcile income payments, cash balances and the balance sheet
  • Ensure all reports produced are based on timely and accurate data
  • Produce and distribute exception reports


  • Produce financial statements needed for auditing purposes quickly and accurately
  • Easily provide transparency to auditors with detailed analysis and drill downs

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