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Portfolio Accounting

You need to have an accurate accounting of your positions and portfolio across all asset classes and markets in which you trade. Your clients and regulators want that same accuracy and want it delivered via regular reporting. Eze Software Investment Suite, with its comprehensive multi-currency, multi-asset class portfolio accounting functionality is trusted by asset managers worldwide to help them meet these complex reporting demands.

  • Subscription and redemption wizard
    makes investor management easy

  • Close out specific tax lots for a position

  • Set up automatic accrual schedules for a
    range of income and expenses

  • Produce financial reports such as a
    Trial Balance quickly and easily

  • Easily determine contributing factors to financial report
    summary and total calculations via look-through trade level detail

Key Benefits

  • Flexibly manage accounts in line with your internal structures and processes
  • Automate routine accounting tasks to save time
  • Achieve accurate daily portfolio valuation with automated accrual processes
  • Maximize tax efficiency through flexible and intelligent lot management
  • Efficiently and accurately shadow your outsourced accounting partner’s records


  • Improve speed and accuracy of reconciliation
  • Run financial reports without the need for end-of-day batch processing
  • Understand calculations via look-through to trade-level source data
  • Quickly and efficiently prepare detailed and accurate reports needed for an audit 


Key Features

Flexible Accounting Structures

  • Create portfolio structures to meet your needs such as parent fund, master-feeder fund, and share-class accounting


Share-Class Accounting

  • Create share-class accounts and automatically calculate portfolio NAV per share
  • Manage share-class weights using commingled and aggregated weighting methodologies
  • Monitor share-account cash flows and prices


Subscriptions & Redemptions

  • Maintain subscriptions and redemptions with easy-to-use wizards
  • Manually adjust subscription, redemption, and share prices on a share-account level to accurately reflect cash flows


Tax & Charges Management

  • Create schedules to automatically calculate taxes, charges, and fees due on transactions
  • Manually set charges on individual transactions
  • Create close-out themes in different groupings to efficiently manage tax liabilities
  • Close out tax lots using FIFO, HIFO, LIFO, Min Tax, and Average Cost methods or close out specific lots
  • Specify rules for intraday tax lot sorting and netting


Accrual Management

  • Easily book and maintain accruals using templates and schedules
  • Manage accruals for stock loan fees, rebates, and CFD and swap financing fees
  • Accrue cash interest in your prime broker accounts
  • Manage general income and expense accruals including admin and management fees

Financial Reporting

  • Run financial reporting in real time without end-of-day batch processing
  • Easily configure report groupings, classifications, and aggregations
  • Produce key financial statements such as income statements, balance sheets, trial balances, statement of cash flow, schedule of investments, NAV change, and cash change reports
  • Create reports to reconcile changes during and between periods
  • Generate common tax reporting such as potential wash sales, constructive sales (section 1259), qualified dividends, and bond accretion/amortization
  • Report on transaction analysis including FX gains and losses, and FX realized detail


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Flexible accounting structures and
management with comprehensive
financial reporting

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