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Order Management System (OMS)

The investment lifecycle is becoming increasingly more complex as asset managers move into new asset classes, strategies, products, and markets. Eze Software's award-winning multi-strategy order management system, Eze OMS, streamlines your entire investment process from idea generation to settlement, across all asset classes. With advanced functionality to support portfolio analytics, modeling, trading, compliance, risk, and operations, Eze OMS enables you to build integrated, efficient workflows configured for your unique needs.


  • Flexible, real-time trade blotters

  • Intuitive compliance rule management

  • Multi-strategy and multi-asset portfolio management and analysis

  • Multi-asset class trade tickets

Key Benefits

  • A flexible and scalable architecture designed to adapt to your firm's growth
  • Seamlessly execute with more than 500 trading venues via FIX
  • Manage orders, allocations, and executions across asset classes from a single screen
  • Automate your pre-, intra-, and post-trade compliance checks and alerts
  • Run rebalances, models, and create what-if scenarios across multiple portfolios
  • Monitor real-time P&L and exposure across asset classes and strategies
  • Integrate downstream and third-party systems with 250+ out-of-the-box interfaces
  • Track and report on the full lifecycle of your orders activity in a comprehensive audit trail
  • Rely on global 24-hour service to ensure you're fully supported on all levels

Key Features


Monitor and manage daily trading activity and performance in real time



Ensure your investments are compliant


Model and rebalance your portfolio


Create, allocate, and execute orders from real-time trade blotters

Order Creation & Allocation

  • Trade any asset class including equities, derivatives, fixed income, and FX
  • View and manage orders in real time on fully configurable trade blotters
  • Quickly trade and allocate across custodians, strategies, and portfolios from one ticket
  • Create rule-based automated strategy allocations
  • Define portfolio-level allocation schemes on block orders
  • Review and grant approval on orders prior to sending for execution


Data Management

  • Automate your regulatory reporting processes for Form PF,  CPO-PQR, AIFMD, and more
  • Consolidate and store time-series performance and risk data in a central repository
  • Accurately manage your position, performance, and risk data
  • View your investment data as-on any point in time

Portfolio Analytics & Modeling

  • Perform what-if analysis, rebalancing, cash management, and benchmark comparison
  • Park and hold orders for review before sending to traders for execution
  • Create trades, track P&L, exposure, and market movement from the road
  • Monitor and analyze both historic and real-time P&L in configurable dashboards
  • Value CDSs, fixed income, and more with FINCAD and other third-party analytics
  • Run risk models to see how your portfolio will perform under different scenarios


Trade Analytics & Execution

  • Execute electronically with 500+ sell-side brokers and liquidity venues
  • Access 750+ multi-asset algorithmic and trading strategies from over 75 brokers
  • Route orders to single or multiple brokers with one click using “Quick Send” buttons
  • Survey brokers inventories to find optimal borrow rates
  • Generate locate requests and enter short orders in one click using an automated locate management tool


  • Integrate with leading confirmation systems for trade confirmation, matching, and clearing on all asset classes
  • Stream real-time and delayed pricing from multiple leading market data providers
  • Automatically generate and distribute both built-in and custom reports
  • Track and report on all system activity in real time
  • Receive event-driven alerts in real time as they occur


Pre- & Post-Trade Compliance

  • Build rules using hundreds of industry-standard rules and templates
  • Create your own rules to run on a pre-, intra-, and post-trade basis using real-time data
  • Manage and configure rules to alert you at any stage of a trade’s lifecycle
  • Send alerts and notifications based on changes in price, exposure, and virtually any other data point
  • Monitor your portfolio’s compliance away from the office with Eze Mobile for iPad

What People Are Saying


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Relevant Business Needs

  • Commission Management
  • Compliance Regulatory Reporting
  • Data Management
  • Operations
  • Order Management
  • Portfolio Analytics & Modeling
  • Risk & Performance
  • Trade Execution & Analytics

Who is it for?

Over 500 investment firms around the globe rely on Eze Software OMS to manage their investment processes.

Types of Firms

  • Hedge Funds
  • Institutional Asset Managers
  • Mutual Funds / Units Trusts
  • Pension Funds, Endowments, and Foundations
  • Wealth Managers


  • Compliance
  • Operations
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Trading

"We are tremendously happy with how Eze Software OMS has transformed our trading processes. We have greatly benefited from the industry knowledge and expertise they provide through ongoing support and training. Given the level of service that our Eze Software consulting team has provided, it is no surprise to us that they are seeing so much growth throughout the Asia‐Pacific markets."

Roland Chia, General Manager of Business Process and Technology
Caledonia (Private) Investments

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