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Execution Management System (EMS)

With increasing fragmentation of capital markets, traders are expanding into more asset classes and seeking out diverse liquidity pools in the quest for alpha. You need fast, seamless access to global liquidity and advanced real-time analytics. Eze Software Investment Suite offers a global, multi-broker EMS (RealTick EMS) that provides you with centralized access to aggregated liquidity and tools for dynamically managing positions, portfolios, and trading risk across global equity, futures, and options markets.

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  • Facilitate seamless automated execution of complex, aggregated orders for multibroker trading

  • Trade futures against other financial instruments with ease from a single blotter

  • Meet all your global option trading needs in a single platform

  • Execute trades with integrated, multi-legged, cross-asset class strategies

Key Benefits

  • Electronically access leading brokers, exchanges, ECNs, ATSs, and alternative liquidity pools
  • Quickly enter orders for multiple asset classes including advanced program and list trades
  • Execute complex options and spread strategies with Strategy Server
  • Gain unparalleled control with patented Neutral Account Staging for multi-broker trading
  • Monitor markets in real time via streaming Level-1 and Level-2 data feeds
  • Increase efficiency and improve your trading experience with a fully configurable interface
  • Minimize total cost of ownership with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery
  • Manage orders from anywhere with web-based UltraLite™

Key Features


Quickly and efficiently source liquidity


View advanced execution analytics

Customize rules for automated execution


Integrate with Eze Software's OMS or stage orders from other systems


Execution Management

  • Trade equities, options, and futures from one easy-to-use application
  • Trade electronically with 250+ brokers, exchange DMA, and other liquidity sources
  • Enter orders quickly and easily
  • Create lists, programs, baskets, pairs, spreads, bracketed, conditional, and multi-step orders
  • Slice orders to the market in waves
  • View pre-trade analytics and post-trade TCA via Abel Noser
  • Enhance options trading with intuitive montages and real-time Greeks
  • Automate execution with a rules-based engine
  • Create custom trading strategies with advanced API


Trade Management

  • Create custom multi-leg strategies
  • Manage and monitor orders, positions, and P&L with multiple real-time blotters
  • Manage short sale & shortable inventory
  • Integrate with Eze Software OMS or other third-party OMSs


Compliance & Risk

  • Achieve compliance and reporting objectives such as start of day, intraday, end of day files and OATS
  • Manage operational risk with rules for error prevention, trade size limits, daily notional limits, restricted lists, and other 15c3-5 validations
  • Dynamically manage shortable equity inventory and automate the locate process with automated locate management tool


Market Analysis

  • Utilize global multi-asset live market data
  • View options analytics including real-time Greeks and implied volatilities
  • Trigger order alerts and alarms based on market movements and other criteria
  • Analyze advanced charts and studies
  • Use alternate symbology such as Reuters and Bloomberg codes
  • Create customized multi-asset watch lists
  • View real-time news feeds


Market Data

  • Integrate with Bloomberg desktop API to minimize exchange fees
  • Accurately use back-test strategies from our extensive historical database

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Relevant Business Needs

  • Compliance & Regulatory Reporting
  • Market Data
  • Order Management
  • Trade Analytics & Execution Management

Who is it for?

Eze Software EMS is used by more than 3,000 buy-side and sell-side users in 50 countries.

Types of Firms

  • Broker Dealers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Institutional Asset Managers
  • Mutual Funds / Unit Trusts
  • Pension Funds, Endowments, Foundations
  • Wealth Managers


  • Operations
  • Trading

“Eze Software provides a cutting-edge solution for all of our investment management needs. Their global team of client service professionals are available around-the-clock and work closely with us to understand our unique business needs. They’re very easy to work with.”

Chicago Hedge Fund


Eze Software EMS is a highly scalable and configurable trading platform.


Eze Software EMS is available on your desktop or on your tablet or mobile device via UltraLite™. UltraLite enables you to manage orders and positions, look up quotes, enter and cancel trades, and more.


Desktop application
On your desktop via the cloud
On the web, tablet or phone



Eze Software EMS is fully integrated with Eze Software's OMS and PMS applications providing a full front-to-back offering. In addition, it can integrate with a wide range of third-party systems through a flexible API.


Combines with Eze Software's OMS and PMS
Integrates with other systems



Eze Software EMS is a client-server platform built end-to-end on Microsoft technology. An open architecture enables clients to customize workflows across platforms. The system can be scaled offsite to handle processing capacity and provide redundancy.


C++, C#, and .Net APIs



Through a SaaS model, Eze Software EMS reduces total cost of ownership and provides the flexibility to quickly add new brokers, algos, markets and asset classes, by running a single client application on the user desktop.


Hosted in the cloud


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