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Proactive, Not Reactive

Our centralized Solutions team is dedicated to resolving day-to-day support issues and is your primary contact for production support inquiries. This team’s extensive product knowledge and experience working across all global clients enables them to quickly resolve issues. They’re not just responding as thing happen, but they are also proactively monitoring client environments to identify and address problems before they even impact you.

Follow-The-Sun Global Coverage

Our Solutions representatives are available during all open market hours worldwide. We service all major markets and time zones through a blend of geographically distributed and centralized support teams empowered by highly sophisticated and proprietary technology.

Industry-Leading Technology

Eze’s service model is backed by an industry-leading support platform. When you call, we have a 360-degree view of your relationship with Eze including recent interactions, ongoing issues, and projects, and client-specific documentation. With instant access to critical information about your firm, we’re able to resolve your issues faster and more effectively. Our cloud-based project management tools offer you full visibility into the status of your issues and projects, at your fingertips any time.

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