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Market Data

You need a market data provider that covers the asset classes in which you’re investing, but is also cost effective. Eze Software offers integrated, real-time, global, cross-asset market data to support market analysis and direct-access trading. Stream real-time pricing across the Investment Suite to fully integrate your market data needs. Get real-time data on stocks, futures, options, fixed-income securities, and FX from North American, European, and Asian-Pacific Exchanges, ECNs and other liquidity destinations — distributed directly from the sources to your desktop. 

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  • Stream market data through watchlists, charts, and trading blotters

  • Use flexible APIs and Excel interface for additional advanced capabilities

  • Create custom conditions and studies to streamline research and trading

  • Configure price, news, and trade alerts

Key Benefits

  • Access consolidated, global, cross-asset class market data feed supporting equities, options, futures, futures options, and FX
  • Gain additional value-added services above and beyond the market data
  • Access real-time, intraday, and historical market data
  • Gather and display FX currency information
  • Use the market data provider of your choice across the product suite alongside RealTick Data or in place of it
  • Stream market data in Eze Software OMS to curb the cost of exchange fees
  • Net exchange fees to save money when using Eze Software Data with our OMS and EMS

Key Features

Market Data

  • Access high-quality, low-latency market data across global markets and asset classes 
  • Search for stocks using advanced filters and formulas
  • View streaming market data in Level-II windows, charts, and blotters
  • Analyze charts using advanced studies such as moving averages, linear regressions, envelopes, oscillators, MACD, and stochastics
  • Access security reference data and corporate actions
  • View government and corporate bond data

Market Data API

  • Access streaming depth-of-book and historical market data via C++ or C# .Net APIs
  • Build your own trading applications with powerful APIs
  • Utilize ‘test’ and ‘back-test’ trading strategies with high-quality market data 
  • Feed computer assisted-trading tools, compliance, and reporting functions 


Microsoft Excel™ Integration

  • Stream live market data into Excel and create your own analyses
  • Trade out of Excel with any supported broker and monitor your positions in real time 

Aggregated Market Books

  • Combine quotes across market centers for a particular stock
  • Get a clearer, aggregated view for comprehensive price discovery, broader liquidity, and better decision making
  • Operate a consolidated book with best bid, offer, and VWAP


OMS & PMS Integration

  • Integrate global, cross-asset market data across the Investment Suite
  • Eze Software OMS users can rely on fully redundant ticker plants to supply exchange-generated data in real time or delayed
  • Leverage the symbology of your choice for easy integration with existing systems

Relevant Applications

Eze Software EMS

Global, multi-asset market data

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