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QQQ Capital Pte Ltd. Institutionalizes with Eze Portfolio Management & Accounting

Singapore-based start-up implements Eze's order management and portfolio management & accounting systems



About QQQ Capital Ltd Pte.

QQQ Capital Pte Ltd. is a Singapore-based long-term value hedge fund manager, founded by Qian Yongqiang, a renowned ex-lecturer and co-founder of New Oriental. The fund delivers long-term investor value through an event-driven approach of fundamental research and critical analysis, focusing on the technology, education, and tourism industries. 

$109mm Assets under management
2017 Founded
Asset Classes Equities, Futures, Options, Swaps, FX

The Challenge

QQQ Capital, as a fundamental long-short equity hedge fund, was looking for an accounting system that could automate their operational processes including fund shadowing, corporate actions, reporting and reconciliation.

Additionally, they required a solution with robust risk management capabilities that could comply with regulations, stock restrictions, limits on equity weights, and investor guidelines.

As a start-up looking to minimize costs while still institutionalizing their investment processes, QQQ Capital needed a system that could scale with the firm as it grew. The system needed to be able to expand across asset classes including equities, futures, options, swaps and FX, but also ensure a tight data integration across the entire trade process.

“From an operational due diligence perspective, it made sense to put both Eze PMA and Eze OMS into place...I wanted to have data integrated and that’s why it was an easy choice to choose the OMS and PMA,” said Yichen Ye, Head of Operations at QQQ Capital.

“When we set out to look for a technology partner, Eze Software stood out with a dynamic, robust and scalable solution that will help us streamline our front-to-back-office workflows”

The Selection Process

Having prior experience with other financial technology companies, QQQ Capital was looking for a best-in-class OMS and portfolio management and accounting system that could bring all aspects of their investment process into an easy-to-use and flexible solution.

QQQ Capital wanted to make sure the fund was set-up for success and the best way to do this was to have a robust system in place from the very beginning.

Implementing technology solutions that could scale as the firm expanded investments across asset classes was critical. From a compliance perspective, they needed a comprehensive solution that could help with day to day compliance monitoring.

Additionally, they needed a system that would enable them to respond to investor requests instantaneously with automated reports.  

“When we set out to look for a technology partner, Eze Software stood out with a dynamic, robust and scalable solution that will help us streamline our front-to-back-office workflows, from pre-trade compliance, real-time analytics, trading, shadow accounting, and fully audited books and records,” said Zhou Wang, QQQ Capital Head of Investor Relations.

Solution & Implementation

Eze support teams made the implementation process simple for QQQ Capital, providing the necessary advice and support at every step of the way.

QQQ now uses Eze PMA and Eze OMS throughout the entire trade process, from routing orders via FIX to sending out the EOD trade file to primes.

“Eze has a very strong client services team. They were on site immediately and really understood what my business needs were, right from the start. Of all the service providers I’ve worked with, Eze is the best and most supportive.” says Ye, who manages all operational aspects of the fund.

As a result of the implementation, QQQ now leverages Eze for their overnight trading as well. The global support that Eze provides them from US pre-market to booking and settlement in the morning has been repeatedly touted by the QQQ team. 

The Results

QQQ’s partnership with Eze has created an efficient and scalable institutionalized infrastructure for the firm.  

Eze supports all workflows across the trade process in a single solution, including a key value add in Eze PMA’s automated reconciliation. This has allowed QQQ to identify issues in a timely manner and fix them easily.

With QQQ poised to seize growth opportunities as they expand into new asset classes, their confidence in the Eze system is high because the solutions are built to scale as the fund grows. “We look forward to [continuing our work] with a reputable and agile partner,” said Zhou Wang.

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