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About The Firm

Based in Asia, this long/short, events-driven engagement hedge fund has a discretionary focus on Japanese equities, futures, and options. After launching in 2020, the firm has been dedicated to building a performance track record, setting up its infrastructure, and partnering with the right vendors to successfully open their fund to outside investors.  

Growth in AUM Since Implementation
Hours Saved Each Day
Fund Launch

The Challenge

The firm was looking to continue to raise capital and needed to institutionalize their infrastructure. Expertise and service was of extremely high importance – they not only needed the right software, but they needed the right vendor to partner with who had familiarity and around the clock service locally, regionally, and internationally. Additionally, with limited middle- and back-office resources, the firm needed a vendor to not only provide key functionality through technology but a vendor who also offered a managed services solution to act as an extension of their investment operations. 

What were the firm's most critical investment technology needs?

“If you don’t have a system that is approachable, it’s just not going to work. You can become familiar with using Eze Eclipse on your own – it is very intuitive, and we knew SS&C Eze would make it functional for our business.”
Chief Operating Officer
Asia-based Long/short, Events-driven Engagement Hedge Fund

The Selection Process

An up-and-coming industry leader, the firm wasn’t just looking for another technology vendor. There were several gaps that needed to be filled, both in terms of technology and human resources. Their COO understood the importance of finding the right balance between the two. “Plain and simple, we needed to institutionalize our infrastructure. There are a lot of solutions that claim to be all-in-one, but having a technology solution that brings along a true partnership approach was going to be the key as we started looking for a platform that would best suit our needs.”  

After a thorough search for a front-to-back platform, the firm narrowed the search down to two potential solution providers – but SS&C Eze’s easy to use technology combined with a true partnership approach was the clear differentiator for them. The COO went on to say: “We wanted to make sure we were leveraging the best technology possible connecting to exactly who we need, and having a support team that would make that happen was a major differentiator. SS&C Eze truly had the global support team needed to support us throughout trading hours.”  

The firm’s COO added: “If you don’t have a system that is approachable, it’s just not going to work. You can become familiar with using Eze Eclipse on your own – it is very intuitive, and we knew SS&C Eze would make it functional for our business.” 


The SS&C Eze client services team was indispensable for the firm – having a locally based support team meant they could be there when needed throughout the entire implementation process. And to help augment and gain efficiencies across their middle- and back-office, they looked to Eze Managed Services, extending their investment operations team through a highly specialized team of accounting and operations professionals with more than two decades of experience and the operational expertise to support the most sophisticated and complex strategies and fund structures. At the same time the Eclipse implementation team was getting everything up and running on the platform, impressing the fund’s leadership: “The entire Eze team was learning our business, getting our middle- and back-office ready for launch, and truly becoming an extension of our operations team,” added the COO. 

The Results

Eze Eclipse, combined with Eze Managed Services, was precisely the combination they were looking for. “The solution was exactly as it was sold to us. Eze Eclipse took a ton of work off of our plates, especially in terms of month-end reporting,” said the COO. He continued by saying: “Our whole back-office operation is covered. I get to come in each morning, and our entire reconciliation process is done. Reports are already run and sent to my inbox without any work on our side saving us 4 or 5 hours each day.” 

Unlike a third-party managed services provider, the Eze Managed Services team works directly within Eze Eclipse giving the firm full visibility into all activities as they happen. Having the full breadth of functionality within Eze Eclipse and the high-touch support of the Eze Managed Services team, the firm not only saves critical time, but significantly reduces the need for additional human capital. “Having a team that already knows the system’s ins and outs is huge. We basically have our own guide with the Eze Managed Services team, which has been instrumental.” 

The fund also found a major benefit in Eze Eclipse’s access anywhere infrastructure. The COO added: “Having the flexibility of the system, especially on the road, the investment team can pull up the portfolio from anywhere, view real-time data, take action, and make trades - a true value add for us. And at the end of the day, a system is only as good as its support – and SS&C Eze came away the clear winner for its people and technology solutions.”