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SS&C Eze: A History From the People Who Made It

As we close out SS&C Eze’s 25th year, Michael Hutner reflects on where we started — a buzzing start-up that used a “chore wheel” to assign office housekeeping — and asks some of our longest serving teammates to share some of their fondest memories and favorite things about Eze. 

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City NYC Product Sheet

Eze Investment Suite Overview

Our best-in-class software solutions and client service are tailored to maximize investment and operational alpha across your entire investment process. Simplify your operations and grow your business with Eze Investment Suite.

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Eze Eclipse Overview

In today’s evolving investment environment, the performance of your business is becoming increasingly dependent on the technology that supports it. Eze Eclipse™ supports the full investment process within a single, unified platform accessible through a secure web browser interface.

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abstract computer screens Resource

Eze OMS Overview

Learn about how Eze OMS can help you collaborate across departments, eliminate manual processes, and maximize your firm's efficiency.

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