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Customer Notice

Notice Regarding Modifications To The EMS Subscriber Agreement Between You (“Customer”) And Eze Castle Software LLC (“Eze)

Effective as of February 1, 2023, in accordance with the terms of the EMS Subscriber Agreement (the “Agreement”), Eze is providing notice that the terms of the Agreement will be modified and replaced by the EMS Subscriber Agreement posted here for professional subscribers and here for non-professional subscribers. The links are also listed below. The Agreement governs your use of the Services, including the Eze EMS, Eze EMS API, Eze Market Data, and other related services. Among other miscellaneous changes, the highlights are listed below.

For professional subscribers:

For non-professional subscribers:

What You Should Know

  • The new EMS Subscriber Agreement will not replace an existing agreement on February 1, 2023 if the terms of the existing agreement do not permit Eze to modify the agreement upon 1 calendar month’s prior notice as posted on

What You Need to Do

  • No action is needed.

Highlights of Changes

  • GDPR Addendum has been updated


  • If You have any questions regarding this Customer Notice, please contact North American Client Service at 1-800-997-9630, European Service at +44 0207 786 5080, Asia Pacific Service at +852-3664-1070 or via email for all regions at