Our Culture


At Eze Software, we’re able to provide our clients with excellent products and support through the hard work and dedication of our employees. We celebrate this passion and commitment by building a culture that promotes innovation, growth, communication, and achievement, and we’ve been recognized by a number of organizations, including the Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune for our dedication to our team.


We are proud of the entrepreneurial spirit that has consistently fueled our diverse and innovative culture. We offer a number of programs including a mentorship program, certifications programs, and innovation challenges to encourage employees to be creative and implement new ideas and processes.


We recognize that growth and opportunity are vital to each employee’s success, so we equip them with the tools and knowledge they need to grow. We offer an array of training programs for new hires, existing employees, and new managers, that focus on our products, the industry, and our company.


In all of our 13 offices worldwide, open communication and upward feedback is valued and acted on. Our management team provides transparency into company goals and performance through a number of quarterly and monthly updates, and many of our work-life balance initiatives were the direct result of employee feedback. Employees also can contribute ideas and establish new programs through two employee-run committees that focus on EzeSoft culture and our surrounding communities. 


With more than 1,000 employees powering our success, we understand the importance of individual and collective recognition, and empower our employees by celebrating their achievements. Whether it’s a company-run event like our annual holiday party or charity service auction, or a social hour beer time on Fridays, we’re always instituting new ways for people to step back and celebrate their hard work.