Our Teams

See where you fit in

We have the best teams in the business, and our success comes from our teams collaborating with each other to be great. Get to know a little bit about our groups and see where you fit: Product Development, Client Service and Support, Sales and Marketing, and Operations. 

Product Development - Build, Create, Innovate

At Eze Software, our technologists are building products to help investment firms manage billions of dollars.  We are looking for those who can think of the next innovation and build it using the latest technology.

Our award-winning technology covers the front, middle, and back-office functions and enables our clients to make real-time investment decisions, offering direct-access trading, market data, portfolio and trade analytics, trade compliance, and streamlined portfolio accounting—just to name a few of our features.

"I'm given the tools and design challenges to be a great technologist. The greatest satisfaction though is seeing how my ideas are impacting the market and the business."

Jeff, Development


Client Service and Support - Building Lasting Partnerships

Maintaining a high level of service for our clients is a top priority. We are able to maintain this level of service due to our industry-leading consultants and client service associates who focus on creating and maintaining excellent relationships with clients. Our consulting teams provide consultative and project management services, solutions, and support. 

"I tell my friends that doing my job feels like I’m solving brain teasers all day. That’s my favorite part, because it feels like I’m getting smarter while I work."

Ross, Consulting

Sales and Marketing

We build great products.  Our sales and marketing team promote our brand and create product awareness to existing and prospective clients.


"Our products continue to evolve as we look to build better partnerships and strategize for new market growth. I enjoy being one of the drivers behind that evolution. I feel like everyday I'm learning something new."

Mark, Sales


Our Operations team help keep the company running, whether it comes to Corporate Finance, HR, or Information Systems.

"I am never bored. As the company continues to grow, I'm given the opportunity to stretch and diversify my skill set."

Nicole, Finance