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Risk Management

Risk management tools today are a must. Investors won't invest with you unless risk management processes and tools are in place and regulators also require them. And in your quest for alpha, you need to ensure you're not taking on excessive risk that will threaten your entire business. Eze Software provides a comprehensive toolset to help you implement critical risk management measures as a core part of your investment workflow. Our robust analytics enable you to evaluate a variety of risk metrics and run what-if scenarios that measure your portfolio’s sensitivity to current or stressed market conditions.



  • View advanced risk metrics

  • Analyze historic risk and performance including VaR,
    exposure and performance contribution

  • Create branded risk and performance
    reports for your investors

Key Benefits

  • Effectively measure, manage, and monitor risk with advanced risk models and tools
  • Make informed investment decisions by understanding your Value At Risk
  • Understand how your portfolio will behave under different scenarios 
  • Evalute trade impacts on portfolio risk ex-ante, before executing the trade

Key Features

Risk Management

  • View advanced risk metrics alongside key portfolio details
  • Compare portfolio and benchmark risk


Scenario Analysis & Stress Testing

  • Stress test against major historical market events
  • Evaluate the impact of different market scenarios for delta hedging, gamma scalping, and other complex derivatives combinations


Risk & Valuation Models

  • Value securities using a variety of industry-standard models

Performance Analysis

  • Drill down into performance metrics such as returns, attribution, contribution, P&L, and exposure
  • Analyze historical volatility, downside deviation, Sharpe and Sortino ratios
  • Measure Time-weighted and Modified Dietz returns, based on GIPS standards


Performance Metrics

  • Analyze historical volatility, downside deviation, Sharpe and Sortino ratios
  • Measure Time-weighted and Modifed Dietz returns, based on GIPS standards


  • Choose from a vast library of pre-built reports or build your own custom risk and performance reports
  • Slice-and-dice performance using multi-dimensional pivot grid and browser views

Relevant Applications

Real-time valuation, scenario analysis
and other advanced risk metrics
tightly integrated with compliance

Eze Portfolio Accounting

Historical risk and performance analytics
and reporting along with scenario
and stress testing

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Calculate pre- and post-incentive
performance for investors and funds

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