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Commission Management

Managing commission budgets is critical as buy-side firms balance the need to pay for research while also achieving best execution for their investors. At the same time, brokers want feedback on what they can do to gain larger shares of the commission pool. Technology plays a key role helping the buy side and sell side manage commissions and streamline their processes. Eze Software provides a comprehensive toolkit that connects asset managers with their sell-side partners and research providers, helping centralize record keeping, automate budgeting and voting, and consolidate data across relationships.

  • Unbundle commissions in Eze Software OMS

Key Benefits

  • Fully automate broker review and voting in an easy-to-use cloud-based portal
  • Centralize record keeping and connect directly with brokers to simplify the monitoring process
  • Consolidate commission data across platforms and asset classes and report on broker relationships
  • Automate your commission schedules based on your own parameters
  • Set target budgets to help fulfill commitments, eliminate overspending, and track progress
  • Track and aggregate CSAs and CCAs in one place to streamline budgeting and payments
  • Provide transparency and automate reporting on hard- and soft-dollar, mixed-use, or CCA/CSA-eligible services


Key Features

Vote Management

  • Enter and tabulate votes online with a point or rating system
  • Review previous votes and track voting history to help with external audits
  • Easily reference details provided by your brokers on the services you receive
  • Measure the value-added brokerage and research services you receive.
  • Automatically translate vote results into budgets.
  • Provide valuable feedback directly to your brokers with rankings and scorecards


Budget Management

  • Create dollar targets per broker or research provider and compare against actual commissions
  • Manage client-directed budgets to compare ‘directed’ commissions to a broker % or dollar target per portfolio or group
  • Input and report on research events that provide value to your firm
  • Track research events by provider, date of event, type of event, firm’s attendee, value determination (dollar/point), and comment

Contract Management

  • Track details of your research service contracts
  • Manage contract details and target budgets for the service and broker
  • Run reports on targets for each service, and the commissions or hard payments being used to pay for services


CSA Management

  • Aggregate commission pools to simplify multi-broker relationships
  • Easily request payments and manage multiple relationships in a single system
  • Electronically view invoices and communicate with brokers


Order Management

  • Create commissions at the broker and/or allocation level
  • Create baskets to apply hard and soft commissions to your orders
  • Automate default commissions based on broker, symbol, portfolio, and more
  • Assign directed and step-out brokers

Commission Tracking & Reporting

  • View detailed trade-allocation level reporting with 100+ report templates and 70+ filters
  • Run reports on commission targets and actual commissions generated 
  • Separate commission dollars with commission unbundling schemes to effectively tie commissions to budgets


Commission Reconciliation

  • Reconcile CSA commissions with each counterparty, ensuring that CSA balances are accurate and agreed to by all parties
  • Identify commission discrepancies with an intelligent rules engine
  • Increase efficiency and consistency by eliminating spreadsheets and manual reconciliations


Relevant Applications

Systematically plan, monitor, and report on the brokerage commission allocation process

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