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About Kriya Capital

Kriya Capital Limited is a growing investment manager in Hong Kong and winner of several asset management awards in recent years. Established in 2010, Kriya Capital runs long/short funds with a primary focus on Asian markets including Japan, Hong Kong and China.

Assets Under Management
Founded in Hong Kong
Asset Classes
Asian and Global Equities

The Challenge

When boutique hedge fund start-up Kriya Capital was preparing for its debut, they recognized the importance of automating its key business processes with an intuitive system, allowing staff to focus on their core tasks: making the best investment decision.

A key requirement was to select the right portfolio management and fund accounting system to support its equities funds. With trade volumes at around 30-40 transactions per day, Kriya sought an agile solution that was customizable and easy to implement, yet scalable to ensure that as the funds grew over time, the technology would be able to keep pace.

The eventual solution not only needed to integrate seamlessly with its proprietary middle- and back-office systems, EMS, and import trade systems; it also needed to be deployed in the shortest possible timeframe.

Above all, Kriya Capital was looking for a system that required minimal investment in terms of both finance and support resources, saving vital capital during the start-up stage and freeing up its key people to concentrate on managing and investing client money.

"We knew Eze Software had a long and trusted track record in our space. This removed some of the worry often associated with implementing a new system."

The Selection Process

Alice Tse, Operations Manager at Kriya Capital, describes how the firm initially came to approach Eze Software:

“We knew Eze Software had a long and trusted track record in our space and already worked with several clients in the Asia-Pacific region that operate funds with a similar strategy to ours. This removed some of the worry often associated with implementing a new system.” The intuitive nature of the system, low total cost of ownership, and level of service Kriya Capital received were also some of the main influencing factors in the decision to choose Eze Software.

Eze Software’s fund accounting and reporting system, Eze Portfolio Management & Accounting, had a number of attractions for Kriya Capital. Eze Software’s RG Manalac elaborates: “As well as giving Kriya solid support for making efficient investment decisions, Eze Portfolio Management & Accounting gave the team a real-time overview of key trade, position, performance, and exposure data for the portfolio. The ability to offer customized reporting was another attractive feature for Kriya, as was straight-through-processing with other fund service providers.”

Solution & Implementation

“Eze Software really pulled out all the stops to get us up and running as quickly as possible, completing the implementation in just two weeks!”

Tse continues, “In that short time frame, all internal users were fully and competently trained and up to speed. Crucially, the software had also been seamlessly integrated with our in-house and third-party systems. Furthermore, the simplicity of Eze Software’s solution relative to comparable systems enhanced its appeal for us, particularly when it came to key operational processes such as exporting prime brokerage reports and importing trade data to carry out reconciliations.”

The Eze Portfolio Management & Accounting solution was not only implemented within the impressive time frame, it was also fully configured to meet Kriya Capital’s needs. The key areas of configuration centered around reports and calculations. The adaptability and scalability of the solution enables Eze Software to offer clients exactly what they need without a hefty development process because of the easy to use drag and drop reporting capabilities of the software.

Easy access to intensive support was another top priority for Kriya at the early stages of its development. Tse comments: “When you call the Eze Software's client services team, you can expect immediate and responsive top-level service, wherever you are in the world. You get the impression that the team goes out of its way to be helpful – an attitude that can be hard to find among vendors. The support analysts are quick to understand and solve a problem if it arises, and always keep us fully briefed on the status of any issues.”


Alice Tse believes the relationship with Eze Software has gone from strength to strength since they began working together.

“The great thing is that the relationship is never static. As our business grows, Eze Software is always working to develop innovative solutions that meet our changing needs.”

“At the start of the implementation, we had a particular interest in compliance functionality. The Eze Software team listened to us very carefully, and worked closely with us in terms of discussing and developing the additional functionality we were hoping to see from the product – they really did take our requirements and advice into the heart of their development considerations.”

Eze Software’s RG Manalac emphasizes that the benefits of this project were not restricted to Kriya Capital alone. “This enhanced level of functionality is accessible to all of our clients who are sharpening their focus on compliance due to ongoing regulatory changes, and the increasing popularity of UCITS funds.”

Tse sums up why Eze Software was the obvious choice for them: “For Kriya as a start-up fund, Eze Software’s accessible and intuitive system played a particularly invaluable role in supporting our most fundamental business processes. Their system involves minimal investment from us in either financial or administrative terms, but we have always felt fully involved when it comes to the customization and development of new functionality that can improve the way we carry out our investment business. It is this progressive, collaborative approach, along with their uncompromising client service that really singles out Eze Software’s offering from that of its peers.”

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