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Our best-in-class software solutions and client service are tailored to maximize investment and operational alpha across your entire investment process.

Eze Investment Suite Overview

Eze Eclipse™ supports the full investment process within a single, unified platform accessible through a secure web browser interface.

Eze Eclipse Overview

Eze OMS streamlines your entire investment process from idea generation to settlement, across all asset classes.

Eze OMS Overview

You need fast, seamless access to global liquidity and advanced real-time analytics.

Eze EMS Overview

Portfolio Management & Accounting serves as the backbone of your investment operations, giving you an accurate and holistic view of your portfolios at all times.

Eze Portfolio Management & Accounting Overview

Eze Investor Accounting is tailored to the needs of hedge fund back offices, fund administrators, management companies, private equity partnerships, and wealth managers.

Eze Investor Accounting Overview

Eze Compliance seamlessly integrates pre-, intra-, and post-trade compliance checks and monitoring into the trading process to ensure that your firm is managing its trade and portfolio compliance at all times.

Eze Compliance Overview

The increasing demand for independent research services and the importance of knowing how commissions are allocated across brokers has added to the complexity of commission management.

Eclipse Commission Management Overview

On January 3, 2018, the second Markets in Financial Instrument Directive and the associated regulation MiFIR will take hold across the industry. The regulation requirements are complex, but you can be ready to meet the new challenges they create.

Eze MiFID II Solutions Overview

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, and the accompanying regulation MiFIR, are set to significantly expand the scope and impact of MiFID, imposing new obligations on investment firms. 

Eze MiFID II Overview

Eze has created the industry’s most advanced straight-through processing capabilities that integrate market leading EMS and OMS solutions. FIX-only integrations, and all their limitations, are now a thing of the past.

Eze Front-Office Integration

With OTAS technologies in Eze EMS , you can equip your firm with the necessary information to pilot these uncertain horizon s with confidence.

Eze EMS - OTAS Integration Overview

Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) is fast approaching and will go live in April 2020, but ALL U.S.-registered broker-dealers MUST register to the new CAT NMS before June 27th, 2019.

SS&C CAT Reporting Portal

Learn what makes Eze Eclipse one of the most robust and secure investment management solutions on the market.

Eze Eclipse Security & Architecture Overview

From setting up, to raising capital, to going live, get your hedge fund started on the right foot with this guide to long-term growth.

How to Start a Hedge Fund: Setting Your Firm up for Long-Term Growth

Learn about the key considerations for ensuring your vendors adhere to industry best practices when it comes to cyber security.

Staying Safe: Cyber Security Best Practices

Chances are, in the course of the life of your investment firm, there will come a time to take a hard look at whether your investment system still suits your needs.

Switching Your Investment System: Key Issues To Conside

Starting a hedge fund these days isn’t just about raising capital and running trades. This guide will cover a few main partners you’ll need to get your fund up and running.

Starting A Hedge Fund: How To Choose Your Vendors


Amid all of the other concerns, technology often isn’t a priority. It should be. In today’s market, you need institutional-grade infrastructure in place before you ramp up your institutional fundraising efforts.

What To Look For From Your Investment Technology Platform

What are the biggest challenges facing asset managers in 2019, and how can technology help?

Operational Efficiency To Stay Ahead: 2019 Outlook Report


Technology has fundamentally changed the world of investing. Download this thought-provoking research paper from veteran market structure analyst Larry Tabb to learn how.

The Multi-Asset Buy Side: Overkill, or Table Stakes?

Is the OMS still the center of the buy-side traders’ world? Have they adapted? This whitepaper will look at changes in the industry and where the OMS industry is headed.

State of the OMS: A Time for Change?

This whitepaper, produced by Aite Group, examines the current state of integration between buy-side order management systems (OMSs) and execution management systems (EMSs).

New Plateaus for OMS/EMS Integration

You need a unified, all-in-one system that gives you a holistic view of the central fund, while allowing your portfolio
managers to work independently and unencumbered.

Eze Investment Suite - Multi-Managers

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