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SS&C Eze is a leading global provider of investment management software solutions designed to optimize operational and investment alpha throughout the entire investment process. Eze provides the platform for growth for the entire investment community, maximizing efficiencies across trade order management and execution, portfolio analytics and modeling, operations, compliance and regulatory reporting, commission management, and portfolio management & investor accounting.

A Trusted Provider

Driving Innovation for More Than 20 Years

SS&C Eze began with a vision that emerging technology could help bring trading operations – and people – closer together. If there was a fluid way to work and to hand off trade order information across departments, smoothly and seamlessly, financial operations could flourish. So in 1995, Founder Sean McLaughlin quit his job as a financial analyst and trader to pursue ways to automate order management; a task previously left to mountains of paper and repetitive labor. And Eze Castle Software was born.

Within six months, the first version of the software – an automated order management system (OMS) – was ready for market. And things grew quickly from there. Eze Castle’s OMS enabled companies to automate their allocation process and move from faxed trade confirmations to electronic files. This eliminated an error-prone manual process and created huge gains in productivity. And opportunities to grow for both Eze and its clients.

Built for Growth

With a keen emphasis on delivering the best for clients, and a strong belief in perfecting a single system for front to middle to back office, Eze soon acquired best-of-breed capabilities through mergers with complementary companies. By putting together the collective experiences of teams from Eze Castle Software, RealTick, and Tradar, the newly created Eze Software could now deliver a seamlessly integrated, truly transformational investment platform.

Today, SS&C Eze is spreading to more clients across more financial concerns than originally dreamed possible. It’s a platform built for growth in whatever direction investment opportunities are headed.

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