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Eze Design Month

Eze Design Month was a month-long initiative run by the design team for the entire global company to learn and participate in design based activities. We wanted to provide an opportunity for all levels and departments to understand and engage with what design is really about. There is often a misconception that design is all about cool colors and making things look flashy. While this is certainly a part of it, we wanted to break down barriers and show people what they can do with design thinking.

We had over 400 registrations to events and the the feedback we received was incredibly positive. People have started to have conversations and think differently about how they can use design thinking in their daily jobs.

The key highlights were sessions on "The Return of Investment of Design" where we explored why we see so many companies in the marketplace shift to becoming design led, and why we should bother investing in design. The interactive workshops like "Better Together" and "Design Thinking as a Tool for Problem Solving" were lots of fun. People got an opportunity to be really creative and make things out of craft supplies. I would also say simply hearing the conversations that people were having during this time was great to see. People were exploring new ideas, being more collaborative, and in general being a little more creative. It was a fun time for everyone involved and we look forward to making design a part of the Eze Culture.